Vegan on Vacation: What I Eat in a Day #1

Hi friends 🙂 So it’s currently my Spring break and my family and another family are in the warm, sunny state of Florida for the week. I feel like I should also mention that I am the only vegan, in a house full of 11 other very non-vegans. Now I’m really fortunate to be surrounded by people that at least accept my veganism, even if they don’t really understand it. But I also know that this sort of situation can be a little bit intimidating, especially when you don’t want others to view being vegan as a burden, whether that burden is to you or the people around you. I wanted to make this blog post to show that it’s honestly really easy (and delicious) to be vegan on vacation, you just have to be willing to put in a little effort. I’m hoping to make a couple of these in order to show different ways to find food in different scenarios. However, today was a pretty chill day and all we really did was go grocery shopping and chill at the house.

So let’s get into what I ate on this sunny Florida day.

8:30 am – I woke up, poured a cup of coffee and put it in the fridge (it’s slightly weird, I know, just keep reading).

9:15 am – I made an iced coffee with the coffee I put in the fridge and almond milk.

10:00 am – I was ready for breakfast so I made a smoothie (one frozen banana, a handful of frozen mango, 1 tbsp soaked chia seeds, 1 tbsp soaked ground flax seed, and as much spinach as I could fit into the blender cup, with enough water to blend it all together).

1:00 pm – It was lunch time and my family and friends were having a steak lunch with bacon wrapped potatoes (aka not vegan). So I needed to figure out a vegan meal that would go along with very non-vegan meal. I decided to stick with the baked potato idea (but skipping the bacon, obviously) and I steamed some broccoli to eat with it. I also made a cashew cream sauce (soaked cashews, a LOT of nutritional yeast, garlic, almond milk, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, blended until smooth) to add a cheesy flavor on top of my potato and broccoli. Then my family also had a side salad so I grabbed some romaine, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, fresh broccoli, skipped the cheese and ranch, and added a little bit of Italian dressing. Overall, it was a fantastic lunch.

4:30 pm – I had a gingerberry kombucha, which is literally the best komucha I have ever had in my entire life. 10/10 would recommend.

7:30 pm – We finally got around to making dinner. Because my family had the huge steak lunch, we had a quick meal of burgers and chips for dinner. I opted for a classic burger alternative: a black bean burger  This was honestly one of the best black bean burgers I’ve ever tried. It was really flavorful and it wasn’t super mushy, like black bean burgers tend to be. I ate it on a bun with lettuce, ketchup, and mustard – pretty basic. Then on the side I had peanut butter and celery instead of chips, because I literally love peanut butter and celery so much.

And that was it, that was everything I ate today 🙂 Please keep in mind that I was also drinking water all day. I have a 32oz water bottle that I refill and try to drink 1-2 of everyday. Let me know if you have any questions or want a better recipe for any of the things I mentioned (i.e. breakfast smoothies or my cheesy cashew cream) because I would love to share them with you all 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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