Vegan on Vacation: Tips for Traveling

Alright, so it’s been a bit of a hectic Spring semester and I haven’t found the time to sit down and finish this post until now. But here I am, ready to let you guys in on my top tips for anyone trying to remain vegan while you travel. These tips don’t cover everything and every vacation is a little different, but I tried to narrow this list down to a few essential things that are important for anyone, going anywhere.

  1. Bring your essentials. Anytime I go anywhere for more than 1 or 2 days, I pack a select few items that I try to eat everyday. You basically just want this list to include things that you need in order to make sure you get all of your wonderful nutrients. For me, this list includes ground flax seed, chia seeds, and nutritional yeast so that I can get in my B vitamins and omegas. Yours may be the same as mine or it may include different supplements or whatever else you think is essential for you. This list doesn’t need to be an entire grocery list, just the things that may be hard to find/expensive in the area you’re traveling to.
  2. Don’t be too picky. If you’re traveling with other people who aren’t vegan, it’s important to remember that your meal options may be a little more limited because you probably won’t be going to vegan/vegetarian restaurants very often. Additionally, it may be hard to find good restaurants depending on where you travel to. Keep an open mind and be willing to try new things. Additionally, don’t be afraid to get creative with your meals. If a restaurant doesn’t have a good vegan option, try order different sides to create your own meal.
  3. Pack food for the road (this is low key one of my favorite parts of traveling because I actually kind of like meal prepping lol). I wanted to include this because whether you’re driving, flying, taking a train, or a different mode of transportation it can be hard to know what type of food will be available. We drove all the way to Florida this year, which meant a lot of random fast food restaurants that may or may not have a vegan option, which may or may be good. I prefer to avoid this struggle and just bring food that I know I like. It doesn’t have to be full fledged meals and it’s usually best to bring food that doesn’t need to be reheated (especially if you’re driving). I packed a lot of fruits, vegetables, and sandwich ingredients. I also brought along peanut butter, to eat with apples and celery, and other random snack foods, like granola and Larabars.
  4. Do your research. By no means am I saying that you have to plan out your entire day, but simply doing a quick Google search right before you go somewhere can be really helpful. There are TONS of super helpful blogs and websites that go over menus of different restaurants and sort out what vegan options they have. I always look online to see what restaurants are around and what kinds of menus they have. This way, I know if I should pack snacks before I leave. It also helps figure out what you can order before you get there, that way you won’t have to search on the menu for a super long time or ask your waiter/waitress a million questions (even though I say this, don’t ever be afraid to ask them questions before ordering).
  5. Don’t worry too much. By this, I just mean don’t forget that you’re on vacation and you’re supposed to enjoy yourself, not sit and scrutinize over making sure you’re eating all of your greens and what not. Sometimes you’ll go places that only have junk food available to you, and that’s okay. Just have fun and remember that one unhealthy meal (or day lol) is not the end of the world 🙂

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